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Cooking with Alligator Pear launched on Instagram in February of 2019 as an outlet to showcase my love of cooking and as a way to help people who follow a low carbohydrate AND gluten-free lifestyle. You would think the two go hand and hand but they don't. Gluten-free foods are often not low carb and vice versa. This made attending social events or eating out quite difficult.


Alligator Pears Instagram account quickly grew a following within the low carb and gluten-free community. People began asking for restaurant recommendations while visiting New Orleans, my home and a city full of flavors and that loves to eat! They also loved when my posts featured my 4 year old daughter Gray who loves to help mommy cook! 


The Alligator Pear Lifestyle blog is home to recipes, restaurant reviews, eating out guides and more; all with the focus of living a low carb and gluten-free life! Look around and Enjoy! 😋

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