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Quick & Easy Detox Soup⁠ 🍜

What are you doing this week to jump-start your diet? Whenever I need a #reset I make my #bonebroth cabbage soup. 🍜 It's only 7 net carbs and 72 calories per serving. I like to eat it with a piece of grilled chicken either on the side or a cut up and tossed in! ⁠

This recipe is quick, easy and filling! ⁠What kind of diet reset are you doing for the #newyear? Let me know in the comments below


1 medium head of cabbage chopped (2lbs)⁠

2 medium white or yellow onions⁠

2-5 cloves of garlic (to taste)⁠

1 carton low sodium bone broth⁠

salt and pepper to taste⁠


Chop all ingredients and put in your Instapot or large pot, pour bone broth over the top cover and cook until the cabbage is tender. Season with salt and pepper to taste⁠

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